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How Can I Find a Safe Nursing Home for My Loved One?

The thought of placing your parent or a family member in a nursing home can bring on feelings of dread and guilt. You are likely putting off the day for as long as possible, and when the time does finally come, you may feel bad for leaving your loved one in an unfamiliar place. Making the decision to seek outside help with your relative’s care can be a difficult, but necessary process, especially for adult children. While you may feel like you are abandoning your parent, the truth of the matter is there will be a point at which you are no longer able to handle his or her needs.

Nursing Home

You may fear that he or she will experience loneliness or be subject to abuse at a nursing home or long-term care facility, but there are a number of ways that you can keep this nightmare from becoming a reality.

Do Your Research

In the same way that you look for restaurant suggestions or hotel recommendations, you will likely turn to your trusty search engine to do some digging on the nursing homes in your area. It can feel impossible to find the truth behind these various locations since they would obviously not advertise any legal issues that they have had in the past. In order to assist individuals looking for well-renowned, trustworthy nursing homes for their loved ones, ProPublica has created a database using data from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to provide details on the homes. Each state has its own page, which lists every nursing home within the state and includes information about their location, any serious deficiencies that have occured, fines that they have faced over the years, and any payment suspensions that a nursing home has had. The database has even color coded those that have been flagged by the government for a history of quality issues. This database is just one example of the possible resources available to those looking for a trustworthy source, rather than a generic description on the nursing home’s website.

Spotting Abuse

Even when you have decided which nursing home is best for your relative, the work continues. It is critical that families keep a close eye on their loved one living in a nursing home, calling to chat as well as visiting on a regular basis. Elder abuse is all too common in nursing homes and it comes in many forms. Physical abuse is the most evident form of abuse, since one can see unexplained bruises, broken bones, abrasions, or bed sores. However, emotional abuse or neglect can be more difficult to recognize. If you notice distinct changes in behavior, withdrawal from everyday activities, or changes in alertness, your loved one may be a victim of emotional or psychological abuse. The nursing home employees may also subject your parent to neglect by failing to provide him or her with adequate food or nutrition, proper medications, or inadequate personal hygiene. The best way to keep an eye on your loved one is by communicating with him or her frequently and seeing him or her in person to evaluate his or her physical and emotional health.

Call a Chattanooga Elder Abuse Lawyer

Protecting your parents is the most important job a child can have, as parents age and their health circumstances change. Deciding to turn to a nursing home for help can be the best, but most difficult, decision one can make. No matter how reputable a nursing home may be, there is still a chance that your loved one may fall victim to abuse. At Warren & Griffin, P.C., our mission is to help those who have been injured, no matter their age. We believe that the trust you place in nursing homes should never be broken, and if it is, we work tirelessly to hold these facilities responsible for their actions. If you suspect that your loved one is being subject to abuse, contact our diligent Tennessee nursing home abuse attorneys at 423-265-4878 for a free consultation.


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