35 Cars Involved In Pileup Accident on I-75 North to the South of Chattanooga

Update: I-75 and the W Road are now re-opened.

Update: 15 people have reportedly been injured in the accident

Interstate 75 in Catoosa County had closed the roadway in both directions south of Ringgold early this morning due to a 35-car pileup. The interstate reopened just before 11 a.m. 

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office also reported several minor wrecks across the county related to ice. 

The W Road and Roberts Mill Road have been closed, and drivers in those areas should take an alternate route and drivers elsewhere should allow extra time to reach their destinations. If at all possible, wait until temperatures warm before traveling, local officials said. 

Meanwhile, problems still persist on Taft Highway/U.S. Highway 127 in Sequatchie County. Sequatchie County Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock says State Route 111 was icy earlier but now is becoming more passable. 

Hitchcock said where he was on Cagle Mountain on the west side of the Sequatchie Valley the temperature was 33.

“At one point next to Grandview subdivision, there were six or seven cars into the guardrail and the ditches,” Hitchcock said. “They’re getting it cleared up.”

Accidents also occured on Taft Highway/U.S. Highway 127 near Clear Brooks Drive on the Sequatchie County side of Walden’s Ridge that has closed the northbound lane. Elsewhere in the South, a deadly, four-vehicle crash closed all northbound lanes of Interstate 75 in Clayton County, according to the Associated Press.

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