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Every day, small cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs share the roads in Chattanooga with 18-wheelers and semi-trucks. We’ve all witnessed these large trucks negligently speeding and recklessly weaving in and out of traffic on the highway. When a tractor-trailer is involved in an accident with an automobile, it can be life-changing – often including causing serious injuries or even death to the people involved.

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If you or your family members have been in a wreck that involved a tractor-trailer or other large commercial vehicle, contact the personal injury attorneys at Warren & Griffin today to start your free legal consultation and find out if you could be eligible to receive compensation.

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The Difference Between a “Car Wreck” and a Wreck with a “Commercial Vehicle”

The attorneys at Warren & Griffin can represent a client injured in any type of motor vehicle accident. The main difference between an everyday car accident and an accident involving a tractor trailer, or other commercially operating vehicle, is that with a wreck involving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), the driver AND the operating company or organization could be liable for the accident and be responsible to compensate you.

“Tractor trailer” or “big rig” can be very subjective terms. Although most people traditionally think of semi-trucks, there are more types of commercial vehicles on the roadway than just 18-wheelers. Other types of commercial vehicles that are owned or operated by a larger company or organization that can also be held responsible for your injuries include:

  • Garbage trucks / Recycling trucks
  • Construction vehicles / Heavy equipment
  • Public transit buses / Ride-sharing buses
  • Daycare vans / Child-care facility vehicles
  • Tour buses / School buses
  • Firetrucks / Ambulances
  • Firetrucks / Ambulances
  • Fleet cars / Company-owned vehicles

What Can I Receive Compensation For?

Car accidents happen, but if another driver’s careless or negligent behavior has caused you to be injured, or caused the injury or death of a loved one, they should be held accountable. The insurance company that represents the at-fault driver is going to offer you a small settlement and attempt to resolve the accident claim for the lowest amount that you will accept. The attorneys at Warren & Griffin will work to get you a larger settlement that can help you pay for:

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  • Past, current, and future medical expenses
  • Long-term injuries or disabilities
  • Time missed from work / Lost wages
  • Undue pain and suffering
  • Repair or replacement of your vehicle

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At Warren & Griffin, our primary concern is to provide victims of any type of injury with access to an experienced attorney who can protect their rights and get them the compensation that they deserve. We offer a FREE, no obligation legal consultation.

In addition to offering a free legal consultation, Warren & Griffin do not charge our clients any legal or attorney’s fees unless we receive money from the insurance company on their behalf. Don’t settle with the insurance company until you talk to Warren & Griffin!

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