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What You Need to Know to Get Started

Video Transcription

I'm C. Mark.

I'm John Mark.

Thank you for checking out our website we appreciate your interest in Warren and Griffin.

The purpose of our website is to provide you with information to help you select an attorney that meets your needs. We know you have a choice in choosing a law firm in downtown Chattanooga; we think you should choose Warner Griffin for a variety of reasons.

First of all we handle automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, nursing home abuse cases, slip and fall cases. We have a variety of experiences in handling all these sorts of cases, and have a number of lawyers with many years of experience in helping victims obtain the maximum verdicts or judgments they deserve.

We've been doing this for over 27 years and this is what I believe—I believe that we should treat every client like they're our only client. We return phone calls the very same day we get them. When you come in our office you'll meet with a lawyer.

We try to make it easy for our clients. We have three convenient locations to help them get to a lawyer fast. We have a location in downtown Chattanooga, one in downtown Dalton, and one in downtown Rome.

We prepare a case right when you come in the office by taking your intake information. A lawyer will meet with you about your case. We pursue the case as if we're going to court because that's the only way the insurance company is going to take us seriously.

One of the reasons you should consider hiring a local law firm is they understand the local legal environment. They've known the judges for years. They've known the other attorneys for years. They know the jury pool makeup. It's extremely important that you have an attorney with experience in those areas.

When you come to our office, following the interview, the first thing we do is we conduct an investigation of the accident. We look at a number of things. First, we look to see the issues about liability. Secondly, we look at witnesses that may assist us in investigating the case. Third, we visit the scene and take photographs, if necessary, to make certain that we capture all the important evidence that we may need to help you in your case. We also contact the insurance companies immediately to ensure that there's insurance available to help you.

So we look at the case in three areas. Number one: it's got to be someone else's fault—it can't be your fault. Number two: you have to have personal injuries. Number three: there's got to be insurance coverage to pay for your injuries. If you have those three things, you have a case and you're going to receive compensation for your injuries. We don't know how much the compensation is going to be until you complete your medical treatment. While you're completing your medical treatment, the law firm at Warner & Griffin will ascertain and obtain all the medical records.

Please take the time to complete the case evaluation form on our website. That form can provide us with critical information to help us evaluate your case.

We look forward to serving you soon.

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