5 Common Forms of Driver Negligence That Can Cause Car Accidents

Most adults who live in the United Stated drive on a regular or daily basis. Getting to and from work requires people to use the roads, and driving is also necessary when running errands or meeting with others either in a public place or at a private residence. When millions of vehicles share the roads, collisions become an unfortunate fact of life. However, this does not mean that they are inevitable. Most of the time, car accidents take place because at least one driver acted negligently, and those who suffer injuries in a collision can hold a negligent driver responsible for the damages they have suffered.

Ways Drivers Can Act Negligently and Put Others at Risk

There are many types of negligence that drivers commit frequently, including:

Violating traffic laws

The laws that apply to motor vehicles are meant to ensure that everyone can use the road safely. Unfortunately, violations of these laws are common, especially by people who are running late or who believe they have the skill to operate their vehicles safely even outside of the law. Driving above the speed limit is a frequent cause of car crashes, since when vehicles are traveling too fast, they take longer to slow down, and it becomes more likely that a person will lose control of their vehicle. Other traffic violations that can lead to accidents include running red or yellow lights or making illegal turns without yielding to other vehicles.

Aggressive driving

Many drivers experience “road rage” due to frustrations about heavy traffic or the belief that other drivers are not acting respectfully. This may lead a person to follow other vehicles too closely, cut people off, pass vehicles illegally, and act in other ways that put people at risk of injury in a collision.

Drunk driving

It is well-known that drinking and driving is dangerous, but some people choose to do so because they believe they can “handle” alcohol without affecting their driving ability. However, the use of alcohol or other drugs can affect a person’s judgment and lead to blurred or double vision, slower reaction times, and difficulty maintaining balance and coordination. This can make it impossible for a person to drive safely and avoid injuring others.

Distracted driving

Failing to fully pay attention to the road can cause drivers to miss important details, and they may not notice other vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicyclists, or obstacles in the road. Even if a person takes care to avoid talking on the phone or texting while driving, there are a variety of other distractions that can affect them, including eating and drinking, talking with passengers, or adjusting settings on their vehicle’s radio or environmental controls.

Drowsy driving

Driver fatigue can be very dangerous, and if a driver briefly closes their eyes or nods off to sleep, they may collide with other vehicles, people, or objects. Drowsy driving may occur because of lack of sleep, conditions such as sleep apnea, or the use of certain types of medications.

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